Design and Project Management

Get Rigged will work with you to design the rigging and lighting component of your job. Drawing on our experience and technical know-how, we will suggest options that maximise the effect that the rigging and lighting can produce, whilst ensuring the safety of the structure. Get Rigged will provide you with detailed CAD plans showing installation of all rigging equipment and the weight of each rigging point.

Get Rigged will handle all venue/third party approvals for the rigging and lighting components and obtain engineer certification if required.



We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and support, which is why we ensure a fully-briefed Get Rigged Project Manager is onsite at every job to manage the crew and ensure our clients have a support contact. We are astounded by the number of companies who do not follow through with support onsite, whose operational teams know little of the client or the job, at what we believe is the most critical stage of the process.

Get Rigged maintain a professional approach across all levels of our business. We get in early and complete the job as quickly as possible to allow time to make modifications and to focus lights as directed by our clients. The onsite Get Rigged Project Manager will check the installation each day to ensure it is in good working order and our clients will be provided with their mobile number should further assistance be required at any time.

Get Rigged check the accreditation and insurances of all sub-contractors and suppliers we use onsite, and provide thorough WH&S policy training to all crew.

Inventory for Sub-hire

Get Rigged have a large supply of rigging and lighting equipment which is available for sub-hire. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.